Birth to H.S. Graduation


Age 18 to 25


Age 25 to 50


Age 50 to 65


Age 65 & up




Childhood Years


College and/or Basic Work Years


Wealth Building Years


Retirement Planning Years


Estate Planning Years


Post Death Planning Period








Begin Drafting Wills as Children Arrive, Select Guardians


Review Wills and Trusts Every 5 Years Redo Guardians & Trustees


Review Wills & Trusts,Life Insurance Trusts, Redo Trustees & Pers. Reps


Review Wills & Trusts, Redo Personal Reps & Trustees


Reps and/or Trustee Collect Assets and Liabilities and File Probate, if necessary











Parents Paying Kiddie Tax


Filing Income Tax Returns


Planning & Filing Income Tax Returns


Planning & Filing Income Tax Returns


Planning & Filing Income Tax Returns


Preparation of Final Personal Income Tax Returns












Getting Gifts


Getting Gifts


Giving Family Gifts and/or Charitable Gifts


Giving Family Gifts and/or Charitable Gifts Consider Charitable Trust


Giving Family Gifts and/or Charitable Gifts and Funding Charitable Trust


Preparation of Estate Tax Returns (Income & Form 706) Consider Disclaimers










Funding IRA's and Retirement Plans, if possible


Funding Retirement Plans to the Maximum


Funding and Planning Retirement Plan Distributions


Retirement Plan Distributions & Founders Pension


Making Estate Return Elections










Parents Start Investment Planning (IRA's/Roth's)


Prepare Budgets, Housing and Financial Planning, Consider Buying House


Financial Investment Planning and Real Estate Planning, Cottages or Investment Property


Financial Investment Plan and Real Estate Planning, what to do with it


Restructure Financial Plans for Retirement


Sale of Assets and Disbursements to Beneficiaries












Parents & Grandparents Start Education Funding (529 Plans)


Budgeting & Financing Kids Education


Funding Kids Education


Funding Kids & Grandchildren's Education, Consider Trusts


Funding Education Trusts for Family












Parents Teach Kids About Money (Allowance)


Family Business or Business Purchase or Start Up


Business Development & Buy/Sell Agreements Set Up


Business Development, Succession Planning and Business Valuations


Sale of Business, Cash Out, Owner Financing, ESOP's








Parents to Consider Life Ins. on Kids


Consider Need for Basic Life Insurance


Restructuring Ins. Policies Consider Long-Term Care Ins.


Audits of Life Ins. Policies & Long-Term Care Ins.


Audits of Ins Policies & Long-Term Care Ins. Policy


Collect Ins. Proceeds, Form 712's












Set Up Checking Account/Debit Card & Savings Account


Debt Analysis: Mortgage, Equity Line, Credit Cards, Education Debt


Elder Care of Parents


Elder Care of Parents


Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid when to take and what supplemental policies are needed

        Redo Structure   Pay Down Debt   Pay Off Debt    







Build Emergency Funds


Build Emergency Funds


Burial Plans


Burial Plans

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