Do I need a business valuation?

Business valuations are necessary for many situations. Some of these might be:

Adequacy of Life Insurance Allocation of Acquisition Price
Buy/Sell Agreements Charitable Contributions
Bankruptcy and Foreclosures Eminent Domain
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) Fairness Opinions
Estate and Gift Taxes
    (required by the tax law)
Franchise Valuation
Financing Lease vs. Buy
Gifting Programs Disruption of Business
Litigation Support Divorce
Dissenting Shareholder Actions Partner Disputes
Economic Loss Analysis Liquidation or Reorganization
Wrongful Death Mergers and Acquisitions
Mediation and Arbitration Sale of a business
Related Party Transactions Succession Planning

If your involved .......... we here to help.

What type of valuation do you need?

There are really only two types of valuations.
Calculations and Conclusion of Value.

One "calculation" is a little more involved than the old "back of the napkin" computation but is still used where it is for internal use only and no one is going to be arguing about the number.

A "conclusion of value" is needed when someone is going to rely on the number or might want to challenge the number. Then a comprehensive analysis must be done and a full report written.

Not all Business valuations are the same. All business valuations start with a review of financial data and then apply the appropriate tests and financial ratios to that data to come up with a valuation of your business. CPAs with good valuation credentials are the best people to perform this work.

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