Is QuickBooks right for me and my business?

QuickBooks has been designed for small business owners and not-for-profit organizations who aren’t experts in accounting and bookkeeping. Using QuickBooks will help simplify work you already do—like paying bills, invoicing customers, tracking sales tax, and much more. With over 25 versions designed for every size and industry, we can help you evaluate whether QuickBooks is right for you and which version best suits your needs. Contact us to set up an appointment for a free business evaluation to discover if QuickBooks is right for you.

I'm using QuickBooks but am I utilizing everything it has to offer?

It has been our experience that most QuickBooks users don't understand how to utilize the reporting functions within the software. To us the reporting functions are the most valuable benefit of using QuickBooks software. Our proadvisors can help maximize your systems design to efficiently obtain reports that are critical to running a business and making sound financial decisions. Whether you need help setting up and customizing QuickBooks, learning how to more efficiently use the software, or better understanding the financial data you currently have in QuickBooks, our ProAdvisors are available to help you.

Not all QuickBooks ProAdvisors are alike.

ProAdvisors are individuals that have completed specific QuickBooks training courses to become certified in various versions of the software. However, none of these courses require the advisor to be trained in accounting. Why is that an important distinction? There is a material difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant when it comes to truly understanding how to use QuickBooks. To us, there are two main reasons to use any accounting software. First, to help streamline day to day bookkeeping functions such as invoicing, payroll, and bill paying. Second, to produce and use timely accurate financial reporting. Only a trained accountant can fully understand how to design QuickBooks to meet both objectives.

Discover the Dolinka Difference.

At Dolinka, VanNoord our certified proadvisors are also trained and experienced accountants. Just focusing on day to day operations is simply not enough. We take this one step further by training the business owners, managers, and directors how to read and use these important reporting tools. Let's face it, every organization needs informative financial data to be successful. Take advantage of our convenient QuickBooks training and support. Our qualified team of QuickBooks ProAdvisors is available to help, whether you are a new user or need advanced training.

Choose the QuickBooks services that suits you best.

1. Free business evaluation.
    Discover if QuickBooks is right for you and how we can best help you to setup and use the software.

2. Training Options

Individualized Custom Training Program:
You can pay as you go, or bundle up:
By the hour: $95/hour

6-hour support/training package
$520—a savings of $50!

10-hour support/training package
$849—a savings of $100!

Ask about Fixed Price Agreements
customized for your budget and needs!

** While we do not offer refunds for unused training time, you have up to one year to apply it to additional support, training or file clean-up. These costs are for on-site, inoffice, or phone support (travel billed separately for off-site training).

3. BackOffice Accountant

Let our team handle any or all of your bookkeeping using QuickBooks. We can do this permanently or as a temporary fill in as the need arises. We can manage your payroll, receivables, payables, or whatever you need. We will provide you with regular QuickBooks reports so you can get the information you need without the burden of doing all the work. We can do this at your office, our office, or using our new QuickReach remote service.

4. QuickBooks CheckUp - New

Not sure your QuickBooks file are set up properly or are doing what they’re supposed to do? It’s time for a CheckUp! This diagnostic test includes an inspection of your QuickBooks file to ensure its wellness. Recommended annually, one of our QuickBooks ProAdvisors will run the diagnostic test on-site or in our office with your emailed files. Don’t go another day without being sure your QuickBooks files are in good health!

$99 without payroll
$149 with payroll