Wealth Management Planning

Wealth management can only come from making sure that you identify what your assets and liabilities are, who the assets should go to, when the assets should get there and how the taxes will be paid when the transfer is made. Usually, this requires legal documents, changing the legal owner of the assets and the proper tax reporting so the plan will work when needed. The alternative is to let some combination of the probate court, the IRS or your state government take care of it for you.

Wealth management is a very personal process. Meaning, that what may have worked for one client might not work for another. We listen to our clients to make sure that their plans are aligned to help them meet their long-term goals and needs. This process is an on-going and ever-changing line of planning and decision making that involves other professionals like lawyers, stock brokers and trust officers. Dolinka, VanNoord & Company is dedicated to working with these other professionals in order to help our clients determine what plan will reach the targeted goals, monitor that plan, and make changes to the plan when necessary. Common areas of wealth management planning include:

· Estate Planning
· Succession Planning
· Retirement Planning
· Elder Care

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